Andreas Renggli

A good name also shines at night

For his daily communication work, Andreas Renggli takes to heart what the Swiss writer Jeremias Gotthelf let his character Ueli know: «A good name also shines at night.»

polarstern team andreas renggli

Since 2007 | Andreas Renggli has been a communication consultant and the owner of Polarstern since 2007. Photo: Simon von Gunten

Following business training, Andreas Renggli engaged in part-time studies in business administration at Bern University of Applied Sciences for three years and then two years of communication at Danube University Krems in Austria. There he earned a master’s of science in integrated communication and public relations with honours and top grades.

His milestones: Assistant at a Bern PR agency, travel agent in New Zealand, head of external communication of Swiss children’s relief fund Kovive, founder and editor-in-chief of Youthguide and publishing director of the successor magazine, head of communication at the Swiss children and youth empowerment organisation, president of the Swiss organisation for young media and young media makers Junge Medien Schweiz and executive board member of the European Youth Press, lecturer and test expert specialising in communication at academic-track secondary schools in Regio Jurasüdfuss and executive board member of ZSPR, the regional PR society for central Switzerland that belongs to the Swiss PR association PR Suisse.

Besides his work at Polarstern, he is currently a PR lecturer at the vocational education and training academy of the local association of commercial employees KV Luzern, a member of the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research (SACM), in the association for quality in journalism VQJ, and in Öbu, a think tank and Swiss network for sustainability.

In 2004, Andreas Renggli won the award “Ritter der Kommunikation” in the category youth for the online magazine Youthguide. This award is given out by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications to projects that are doing much to improve access to information and communication technologies.

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