Eva Hirschi

Surefooted in the worlds of social media

As a digital native, Eva Hirschi moves surefootedly in the social media worlds of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Co. However, she by no means ignores offline communication in the process.

polarstern team eva hirschi

Since 2012 | Eva Hirschi has been assisting Polarstern since 2012 with community management and as an editor. Photo: Simon von Gunten

Interested in languages, she left her native Bern after completing secondary school and headed for French-speaking Switzerland. After earning a bachelor’s degree in international relations, Eva Hirschi completed a master’s in media and communication sciences, both at the University of Geneva, and spent a semester abroad at the University of Stockholm. She was given a top grade for her master’s thesis on media management.

Her milestones: Several years of experience as a journalist at various media (NZZ, Berner Zeitung, Schweiz am Sonntag, Migros-Magazin etc.), seven-month stint as a substitute at the NZZ Campus and a six-month internship at Bundeshaus Radio. Several years of experience in communication as a media manager, ghostwriter and community manager for various national projects and for Polarstern, as well as editor-in-chief and member of the communication team at World Wildlife Fund Bern.

Eva Hirschi is currently assisting Polarstern in community management and as a copywriter. In addition, she works as a freelance journalist for various media. Eva Hirschi is a member of Junge Journalisten Schweiz, Lobbywatch and Tink.ch.

Virtual presence

Twitter, LinkedinInstagram, www.evahirschi.ch