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Editorial, graphics and media relations for sustainable construction network

The Sustainable Construction Network Switzerland (NNBS) has worked with Polarstern to develop an information brochure on the findings and insights of its WOHNEN 2020 study on the home of the future. Polarstern was in charge of developing the content, designing the visuals and handling media relations in German and French. »

Who has the most skilled hands in the world for doing carpentry work? In a matter of days, we will have an answer to that question. For the fourth consecutive time, the communication agency Polarstern will be handling the Swiss media work for the Swiss carpenters participating in the international WorldSkills championships. The competition takes place this year in São Paolo. »

Premieres in media work for Fraisa

The communication agency Polarstern was responsible again this year for the media work for Fraisa ToolChampions, a competition for up-and-coming talent conducted by the top global Swiss toolmaker Fraisa SA. A woman won for first time in the 29-year history of the competition. »