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39 good ideas for better energy efficiency

Polarstern is helping the actors involved in the “Confederation: exemplary in energy” initiative communicate their commitment to greater energy efficiency and the transition to renewable energy. The 39 joint measures adopted by the initiative are also an inspiration for other organisations with ambitions in the field of sustainability. »

Showcasing exemplary efforts

On behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Polarstern is taking charge of communications related to energy-efficiency initiatives at Swisscom, Swiss Post, SBB, ETH and Skyguide. »

Polarstern helps Solar Impulse on its way

Solar Impulse continues its record flight, closely followed by Polarstern. Our communications agency is following the solar aircraft from the ground on behalf of Swisscom, producing words, images and sounds enabling fans and anyone else interested to track its progress around the planet »

Polarstern reports on Bluewin for Swisscom as the national telecom partner of Solar Impulse. The round-the-world flight in the solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 is a significant project for sensitising the public about sustainability issues and is challenging to cover for Gian Waldvogel from Polarstern. »