Once around the earth, without any fuel

The Solar Impulse 2 solar aircraft took one-and-a-half years to fly once around the world. The two pilots needed seventeen stages to do so, but not a single drop of fuel. Communications agency Polarstern put coverage on Bluewin.ch on behalf of project sponsor Swisscom and, by doing so, generated above-average levels of interest.

It was the first time an aircraft circumnavigated the earth without fuel. After a flight of 43,000 kilometres, “Si2” landed back in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday 26 July 2016, from where it took off in early 2015.

A huge project

The circumnavigation project cost 170 million. With this undertaking, initiator Bertrand Piccard was not suggesting that airliners could today be converted to solar energy, but was aiming to increase society’s awareness of renewable energies. And of what is possible with them – that is, chug around the earth in a non-insulated carbon prototype travelling at 50 to 70 kilometres an hour.

It was hard work and at times risky, but it is possible to travel sustainably in this way. An aircraft such as the “Si2” can (in good conditions) travel for days without landing, being refuelled in the air – with clean solar energy.

“Sustainability oblige”

The landmark effect of such an expedition is virtually unparalleled and was broadcast all over the world. As a communications agency specialising in sustainability, Polarstern went to work on this with passion and not without pride. For several years, the editorial team of seven followed the events around Solar Impulse, covering it in multiple languages on Bluewin.ch.

This is because our pet issues are not just sustainability but also relating, reporting and writing. Be it real-time ticker tapes or magazine articles, we provide the right content and the right stories, for major customers such as Swisscom and for SMEs, for employee magazines, customer newsletters, websites and social media. And if required we will not just report but provide CMS content electronically and illustrate the stories.

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