Polarstern helps Solar Impulse on its way

Solar Impulse continues its record flight, closely followed by Polarstern. Our communications agency is following the solar aircraft from the ground on behalf of Swisscom, producing words, images and sounds enabling fans and anyone else interested to track its progress around the planet

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Solar Impulse | The aircraft Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg want to circumnavigate the globe – without fuel. Illustration: Matthias von Lonski

The adventure continues: Polarstern has been following the progress of the Solar Impulse project on behalf of Swisscom since back in 2010. Our team of six editorial staff tracks the project’s progress on Bluewin with reports, images and videos. The coverage is in three Swiss national languages, and while Solar Impulse is in the air almost around the clock. To be on the safe side the team has drawn up standby roster running until September, and the various communications channels (WhatsApp group, email and phone) are held in constant readiness.

Take a virtual flight

Our reporting includes current news, live reports during flights, insights into the Solar Impulse team and its work, and background on energy and environmental matters. We monitor developments on social media and the relevant websites as closely as possible and evaluate agency reports and inside information. We’re in constant contact with our partner Swisscom, Bluewin’s senior editorial team and our translators. From time to time we communicate with the Solar Impulse control centre in Monaco. That’s where it all comes together. Being responsible for the entire job of planning, monitoring and communicating on the expedition, the centre can feel like the pit of a Formula One team with its hectic activity, passion and euphoria. You can really sense that here history’s being made.

«The ancient Romans could have built an aircraft from wood and fabric millennia ago. The reason they didn’t is plain and simple: people considered flying impossible.»

Bertrand Piccard

The adventure continues

Solar Impulse combines state-of-the-art solar technology with good old-fashioned pioneering spirit. The aim is to make the first circumnavigation of the globe in a solar aircraft. It’s not always without complications. Last year Solar Impulse flew all the way from Abu Dhabi to Hawaii only to have to spend the winter there because of damage to its batteries.

Now, in 2016, the adventure resumes. Solar Impulse plans to cross the rest of the Pacific and then fly over the American continent and the Atlantic to Europe or North Africa. And finally the aircraft will return to Abu Dhabi, where the circumnavigation attempt began in 2015. For the rest of the journey Polarstern will be reporting on all the joys, successes and setbacks experienced by the pilots and crew, on their trials and tribulations and the boundaries and possibilities of solar-powered flight.

Guiding star

Polarstern – the name is German for pole star – is delighted and a little bit proud to be part of such an historic adventure and have the opportunity to test its own capabilities and report on the potential of sustainable energy. We too believe in using the environment responsibly and working with passion, dedication and a spirit of adventure.

Around the world fuelled by the power of the sun – followed by one of the brightest stars in the sky. Makes perfect sense.

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