initiative actionsanté

A first look back

Under the actionsanté initiative, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (Bundesamt für Gesundheit – BAG) is exploring new avenues in healthcare promotion and preventive measures by helping companies and institutions which, through their own activities, make an important contribution to the promotion of a balanced diet and adequate physical activity.

Corporate publishing agency Polarstern produced the first progress report on the initiative. Besides presenting the initiative and its four areas of activity plus the activities of the action office, this first stocktake also included activities already under way involving partners such as Migros and Coop, and provided an outlook onto broader aspects of the initiative.

The publication appeared in German, French, Italian and English, in hard copy and online. Erich Brechbühl from Mixer designed it.

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You can find the full 2009-2010 progress report as a PDF document in four languages on the actionsanté website.