A bridge between the organisation and the media

Whether and how an organisation is perceived in public depends to a large extent on the media coverage it receives. There are a number of factors influencing what news the media respond to and publish. Polarstern knows what the media need, and supplies them with relevant themes on Emerell’s behalf.

polarstern emerell medienarbeit eine bruecke zwischen unternehmen und medien

Media relations | Polarstern provides Emerell with media relations support.

Since 2013 the independent production partner specialising in the industrial manufacture of speciality polymers and high-end adhesives has done business under the Emerell brand. Renaming a company always involves a huge amount of communications work. It’s particularly important for a custom manufacturer like Emerell for its name to be known, not just in the marketplace, but among members of the public as well. Targeted media relations can help make this happen.

Comprehensive media service

Since 2013, communications agency Polarstern GmbH has handled media relations on behalf of Sempach-based chemicals company Emerell. Polarstern identifies relevant themes as the basis for producing editorial material for journalists. Whether the material’s single or multi-language, or destined for the local or trade press, Polarstern provides a comprehensive service that’s well received by the media.