Effective presence on the World Wide Web

Presence in the virtual world is an important calling card for a custom manufacturer like Emerell that produces adhesives and speciality polymers for customers around the globe. Polarstern developed and produced the responsive website and continues to manage it.

polarstern emerell website

Website | Polarstern conceived emerell.com and continues to manage the website.

Communications agency Polarstern designed and delivered Emerell’s website to coincide with the market launch of the brand. The emerell.com website is simple and clearly structured while at the same time giving a comprehensive insight into the complex and varied world of Emerell. The focus is on Emerell’s technologies and services and its unique business model.

Visual elements

The website features plenty of detailed shots of the production process, giving visitors an insight into the company’s manufacturing know-how. Highly-complex production processes are also clearly explained with illustrations. A particular challenge was to find ways for the website to bring over the idea of continuity and smooth collaboration. This was achieved by means of a combination of fixed navigation and scrollable content.