«Smaragd» forges a link to and among staff

Employee magazines and newspapers continue to be the backbone of internal communications, with nine out of ten companies using them when it comes to communicating strategy and values and engendering staff loyalty. Polarstern helped Emerell remodel its staff newspaper.

polarstern emerell smaragd corporate publishing mitarbeiterzeitung

Internal communications | Polarstern designed and produced a new staff newspaper for Emerell.

The 170 or so people who work for Emerell range from machine operators, chemists and IT specialists to financial experts. The idea is to forge this heterogeneous group into a single unit of people pulling together to deliver great work.

Emerell’s staff newspaper Smaragd (the title is the German word for “emerald”) pursues these goals by presenting real-life cases and interviews with experts to keep staff up to speed on strategy and the latest developments in and around the company.

Polarstern conceived and launched the publication in 2013, taking charge of planning themes, writing, editing and designing the newspaper.