Corporate publishing for packaging specialist

Communication agency Polarstern has implemented a corporate publishing project for Rommelag. The inventor of and market leader in packaging systems issued a commemorative publication to mark 50 years of the company’s existence.

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Corporate commemorative | Image published to mark 50 years of the existence of Rommelag: Polarstern

International company Rommelag, based in Buchs in the canton of Aargau, has been selling packaging machines for the global chemical, foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries for half a century, under the bottelpack brand. The systems work using blow-fill-seal technology, which was invented by Rommelag. The process enables sterile manufacturing, aseptic filling and hermetic sealing of plastic containers in an operational process. Such systems can currently produce up to 34,000 filled and sealed ampoules an hour. The technology enjoys great demand and potential for revenue in every global market.

As part of the Rommelag 50-year anniversary, Polarstern took care of the design and implementation of the company’s commemorative brochure. This appeared in English and German and covered the successful history of the company in chronological order, by way of the technological advances and the commercial and organisational development of the company. The printed product is aimed at customers and staff.