brand management

Names in bright lights

Succinct identifiers offer orientation and build trust. Polarstern helps you develop and maintain unmistakeable brands.

Our services

1. Brand development


We help you define your core values, develop brands with unmistakeable identities for you (word marks, image marks and word/image marks) and provide support with legal safeguarding and launching.

2. Brand management

Brand Management

We sound out the future potential for your existing brands, show you options for further development (brand architecture) and help with the ongoing maintenance of your brands.

Brands developed by Polarstern

Corporate name for an internationally active contract manufacturer of high quality adhesives and polymer specialties. “Emerell” comes from “emerald” and stands for the sophisticated products that are produced under contract for customers.
Corporate name for a provider of commercial and technical services in the chemical industry. The name “Meraxo” combines “merus” (unadulterated, genuine, real, pure) with “axo” (axis, centre) and stands for superior services.
Corporate name for a nationwide metals trader. “Metalix” is a combination of “metal” and “helix” (spiral). The name stands for the turning of metals (the primary activity of its customers) and the delivery/collection service (recycling loop). Developed in conjunction with Jaberg Design.
Product name for a natural sleeping system developed by wood manufacturer Trinatura. “Alva” refers to “dawn” and “white” in Romansh. The name stands for the joy of waking up in the morning after a restful sleep and for the pure, natural materials that Trinatura uses for its beds.
FM Pro
New name for the largest Swiss association in the facility management and maintenance sector. The additional “Pro” is an enhancement to the common abbreviation of “FM” (for facility management) and stands firstly for the “pros” (professionals) that the association represents and secondly for the expanded size and depth of offering arising from a fusion of associations. Developed in conjunction with Walker Management.


Demonstrating the strengths of the entire group

polarstern branding case study 01

Brand architecture | The new brand strategy brings eight separate brands in the group under a shared umbrella. The brand names are anonymised in this illustration.

The organically-developed structures in a world-leading equipment manufacturer in the medical sector were making group-wide communication increasingly difficult. Polarstern gave the board strategic advice and developed a scenario for how the group could integrate its subsidiaries, which until then had had fully independent brands and imagery, into a consistent brand concept and corporate design.


Closing in on target groups

polarstern branding case study 02

Brand development | The new brand strategy reinforces the distinct positioning of the subsidiaries. The brand names are anonymised in this illustration.

A mid-sized company was faced with the question of whether it should position its subsidiary businesses separately on the market, or just the group as an overall brand. We advised the management team and administrative board as to which strategic options made sense for communication, and demonstrated to them, by means of a new brand strategy, how the subsidiaries could evolve in the long term.