Moving forwards quickly and purposefully

We create communication and marketing strategies that quickly and reliably advance you along the adventure-filled path towards your corporate goal. Continuously and consistently.

Our services

1.  Concept

Strategic orientation

We use a communication concept to develop distinct positioning for you and to align the activities with your qualities. We involve internal and external stakeholders in interviews, focus groups and workshops.

2. Consultation & guidance

Support you can rely on

If you want to look after your communication yourself, you can call on us at any time as advisers, coaches or sparring partners – for evaluations, tips and in the face of staffing bottlenecks.

Established methods

When developing communication concepts, we use methods that are based on proven academic models – for example, integrated communication, Sinus milieus, values-based positioning approach and the marketing communication stage model.

Proven procedure

polarstern strategy consultancy point of departure

Point of departure

Clarifying the framework

In the first stage we examine your strategy for the need for communication. Then the strategic positioning and the quantitative and qualitative reference values that should be achieved by means of communication are defined.

polarstern strategy consultancy analysis


Creating clarity

Based on the strategic information, we study the previous communication from various angles. This results in a succinct point of departure for formulating the communication strategy.

polarstern strategy consultancy communication strategy

Communication strategy

Outlining the process

The communication strategy picks up on the point of departure and the analysis and establishes the conceptual framework for the future communication work. It defines the relevant target groups, communication goals, messages, communication instruments and methods.

polarstern strategy consultancy realisation


Giving shape to ideas

We draw up effective communication activities to implement the strategy. These generally run across multiple linked channels (cross-media) and are appropriately attuned with each other in terms of content, format and timing (integrated communication). Our concepts comprise both the planned communication methods plus a schedule and reference points for the necessary personnel and financial resources.

polarstern strategy consultancy controlling


Maintaining what has been achieved

To control your reputation and reach, we define pragmatic methods such as website statistics, media monitoring and customer surveys. So you always know if you are on course with your communication.