corporate Design

Clear direction for strong brands

An attractive image puts the focus on you. With our clear visual direction, we ensure that you make a good impression – guaranteed.

Our services

1. Concept & development

Big ideas

We design and create refined images that encapsulate the identity of your company. Elements of the corporate design (CD) include the brand (word mark, image mark or word/image mark), the font, the imagery and the colour palette.

2. Implementation & maintenance

Strong applications

We provide support with applying your corporate design to every means of communication; we help you expand the CD to new business areas or future products; and, if necessary, we can help you rework your existing image and keep it consistent.

The 4 elements of corporate design

1. Brand

An expressive, appropriate logo with high recognition value generally forms the basis of the visual image. It usually consists of lettering (a typogram or word mark) and an image or symbol (image mark or signet).
2. Font

The corporate font refers to lettering that suits the corporate identity. It includes appropriate lettering for body text, the logo and illustrations.
3. Imagery

The imagery comprises a selection of expressive images, symbols and motifs. Specially chosen images are referred to as “key visuals”.
4. Colours

A colour concept describes a selection of specified colours. They are re-used repeatedly in the logo, text and other design elements.