Compelling stories with depth

Enthrallingly presented issues enable readers to delve into a world of animated impressions. We can help you design and produce inspiring corporate publishing solutions such as employee newsletters, customer magazines, business reports, corporate blogs and multimedia and cross-media publications.


The return of well-told stories in corporate publishing

Let us tell your stories. Storytelling is a powerful instrument. It illustrates, simplifies and makes content more easily accessible.

Everyone likes stories. They open up new worlds, spread knowledge and enrich everyday life. Stories move people emotionally and stay in the memory for longer than bare facts.

Which is precisely what we want to achieve for brands, products and companies – to trigger positive feelings and never be forgotten.

Our services

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Stage-managing issues

We combine your strategic orientation with literary metaphors, strong images and pithy everyday scenes. Then we use attention-grabbing stories to highlight your key issues.

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Service you can rely on

We produce publications of every type and take care of publication cycles, agendas, address management and marketing. In short, we are happy to get involved wherever you don’t have the time, expertise or desire.

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Serving up good stories

We produce your publications with in-depth stories, fascinating interviews and snappily brief news. We champion our texts, regardless of whether we are writing on your behalf (ghostwriting) or our own

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Linguistic adaptation

We are familiar with working in an international, multilingual environment. We will adapt your publications into French, Italian, English, Spanish and other languages.

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Visual uniformity

Our graphic layout will show your content in the right light, creating a clear sense of order and providing a pleasant reading experience. We enrich your stories with compelling photos, infographics and illustrations.

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Multimedia & cross-media

Customised channels

We take your stories beyond the margin of print publications, to the virtual world of websites and social media, and back to ground level with personal contacts and events. Take your customers on an unforgettable journey.