Dialogue marketing

Holding out a personalised hand

We put you in contact with your stakeholders and help you develop an ongoing dialogue, via interactive campaigns using email, SMS, telephone and mail.

Customised content and channels

The era of non-specific advertising is past. Customers do not want to be bombarded with content that doesn’t interest them. For this reason, dialogue marketing offers only what is of interest. In dialogue marketing, not only the content but also the channels are orientated towards the recipients. Unlike direct advertising, in dialogue marketing (also called direct response advertising) the possibility of connecting directly with the company is significantly improved (response reinforcement).

Our services

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Defining interactions

We see dialogue marketing (also called direct response marketing) as part of a comprehensive relationship marketing concept. Correspondingly we align our strategies with which interactions you should initiate and execute where, when and how.

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Integrated activities

We take care of the set-up, manage your addresses, develop campaigns, link them to your website and other communications means and embed them into an overall customer journey.

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Eliciting reactions

The line between hero and zero is a fine one. We see it as escalating your topics while staying stylistically consistent, and using snappy titles and apposite keywords to immediately trigger reactions among your target group.

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Multilingual activity

Humour can rarely be translated directly. Hence we adapt content so that your message still has impact in other languages. Furthermore we make linguistic adjustments to contact information, graphics, videos, etc.

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Stimulating recognition

We use great graphics to convey your central messages and generate lasting impressions. In doing so, we consistently rely on layouts that automatically adapt to desktops, tablets and smartphones (responsive design).

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A message on every screen

Displaying your message perfectly on different devices, operating systems, screen sizes and a wide range of email programs is sometimes arduous. Nevertheless, we take care of this..

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Direct access

Thanks to electronic distribution, you land directly on your stakeholders’ screens. Our software enables customised content, A/B testing and detailed assessment (tracking).