On an equal footing with media representatives

Novelty, proximity, importance and emotiveness decide whether journalists pick up on an issue and report on it. We can help you find, develop and place the right issues. Media representatives value our reliable news service.

Agenda Setting

Importance of interplay between companies and the media

Anyone who knows about editing and placing news and information will create more interesting articles, impress editors more and reach more readers. The critical element here is the newsworthiness of a communication. Anyone with a good line to the media can help fashion which issues are picked up (agenda setting), dropped (agenda cutting) or expedited (agenda surfing). Despite the common misconception, journalists and communications agencies are not enemies – they work closely together. They both have the same goal – to bring interesting news to the public.

Our services

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Defining issues purposefully

Do your activities and concerns often remain unnoticed? We scrutinise your media potential and identify strategic issues, key media and a clear procedure for a stronger media presence.

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Well-organised and -networked

We facilitate interviews, organise media orientation events (media conferences), media meetings and media tours, and manage the media area on your website (media corner).

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Telling compelling stories

Keeping it short and sweet matters in the everyday lives of media representatives. We present your issues succinctly – and ready for use. We author media communications (communiqués), specialist articles and anything that has a place in media documentation (media maps).

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Linguistic adaptation

Dare to cross the border with us. We adapt media information for other languages and look after journalists in not only German, but in French, Italian, English and Spanish.

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Visual support

To help you make visual impact as well, we enrich your media information with attention-grabbing images, infographics and videos. We also develop presentations and manage your image archive (online/offline).

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Personalised addressing

We send out your media information electronically using the latest software. This enables temporal control of the transmission, A/B testing, personalised content and crystal-clear analysis of who is interested in which content (tracking).

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Media monitoring

Measuring impact

We seamlessly track what is being published about your issues in print and online media, and on the radio and television (media monitoring). This service is not only suitable for media relations, but also for your issue management overall.

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