media monitoring

Targeted media monitoring

We make media monitoring affordable also for start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and non-profit organisations (NPOs) as well as municipalities and small cities.


Comprehensive sources

We offer media monitoring in collaboration with our partner one4u MEDIA AG. In its capacity as one of the leading Swiss providers, one4u MEDIA AG monitors more than 2,000 periodical publications from Switzerland. You are completely free in your choice of available sources. For example, you have the option of excluding individual sources at no additional cost and restricting the search to a language area, individual cantons or titles with a large coverage based on your individual requirements. We will be happy to support you in defining the search programme. In this way you will find what matters to you without having to fight your way through a vast number of non-relevant hits.

Media monitoring covers all major Swiss print media as well as a few relevant European newspapers and magazines. These include around 800 titles, ranging from dailies such as NZZ and Tagesanzeiger, Sunday papers, weeklies and magazines, to specialised journals, special-interest titles and the commercial register. The hits are examined and prepared by experienced editors. They are coached especially in the search terms of your company. The clippings are prepared jointly with the following data as PDF files in Newsradar:

  • title/domain
  • medium
  • date of appearance
  • circulation
  • the medium’s publication interval
  • author
  • thumbnail of the newspaper page
  • advertising value equivalent
  • coverage

Online-Media (Internet)
Media monitoring can always keep up with the quickly growing sector of online media. At present, some 1,300 websites in Switzerland are monitored for the chosen search terms. Internationally there are 20,500 of these. Every article where one of your search terms is mentioned is examined and prepared by experienced editors. Relevant hits are made available as deep links with the following information:

  • title/domain
  • medium
  • date of appearance
  • deep link

Radio and TV
Whether radio news or TV news, media monitoring also analyses audiovisual media. As well as the nationally broadcast Swiss radio and TV (SRF), major local TV channels and radio stations are included in the search programme. Relevant broadcasting information is delivered to you by 5pm on the following day (working day) in Newsradar. As well as a short text extract, the following data will be sent to you:

  • channel
  • programme
  • beginning
  • location of broadcasting station
  • language
  • link to the programme (for copyright reasons, this link can only be accessed for 30 days)

Social Media
Media monitoring of online media is complemented by social media monitoring. These sources include the publicly accessible sites of the major social networks on the web, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Xing, as well as opinion-forming weblogs.


Flexible search terms

As with the sources, you can also specify the search terms based on your requirements. They can be adjusted at any time and at no additional cost. Unlike with other providers, the number of possible search terms is not fixed. As the terms are defined independently of the sources, you can specify for each keyword whether you want to search in all sources or only in individual titles / domains. The following list shows the types of frequently selected search terms:

Frequently selected search terms

  • company
  • executive employees, other important people
  • brand, product
  • project, event
  • company-specific themes (core competences, business fields, etc.)
  • ecologically related themes
  • names, brands, projects and other therms relating to the competition


Web-based archive

Thanks to the web-based archive, you have your media clippings within easy reach at any time. Using the web-based portal, you can access the daily updated articles and programmes that have been found. The online archive is also accessible via smartphone and tablet computer. In the settings you can specify that messages with the search results are sent to you automatically by email or that RSS feeds are generated – this ensures you are always kept up-to-date.

The online archive of our media monitoring can also be accessed easily by smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.). This makes it easier to retrieve the latest clippings wherever you are. The web-based solutions provide three views: a list, a detailed view and the newspaper clipping as a PDF. In addition, you can use the full text search function.


Personalised media digest

With a few clicks you can create your personalised media digest (aka press reviews) in different digital formats (pdf, txt, xml, xls, html) and send them by e-mail, with the following customisation options:

Personalised media digest

  • cover page with logo
  • dynamic table of contents
  • categorisation of the articles by subject
  • on request, integration of advertising value equivalents, etc.

polarstern media relations media monitoring media review 1

Media review | The media review can be fitted with a cover page and table of contents to document the media work.


Individual analysis

The online archive enables you to evaluate your media impact quickly by carrying out pre-defined ad hoc analyses: published contributions per source and the coverage (circulation) of the scanned media. In the advanced mode, it is additionally possible to generate customised evaluations that can be used as the basis for media resonance analyses, for example. Optionally it is possible to conduct comprehensive media analyses on issues, reputation (image) and benchmarks. The articles can be filtered easily:

MacBook Pro Filter Tipp 1 1

Furthermore, the analysis cockpit gives you a 360-degree view of the information and opinions published about your company. Not only do you receive information about how journalists see your company, but also about what customers, employees, etc. are writing about you. In this way it is possible to analyse in depth where subjects are emerging and how they influence the different types of media.


Reliable partner

one4u MEDIA AG supports national and international companies and organisations by providing media monitoring services. Based in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden, this media specialist stands out for quick, reliable monitoring, good value for money, and comprehensive search functions and analyses that can be attuned precisely to customer needs.


Attractive prices

In close collaboration with one4u MEDIA AG, we enable even start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and organisations to obtain a full range of professional media monitoring services at favourable terms and conditions. The monthly cost includes a flat fee for monitoring, the expenses for actual hits in print media (price per clipping), radio and TV (price per show referenced) and time spent editing hits in online media and social media (price per hour of editing).

The full range of our service can be found on our German website media monitoring.