Delighted search engines and euphoric fans

Your target groups are closer than you think – often you are only separated by a single click. We reinforce your presence in the virtual world with a user-friendly, search engine-optimised website, a committed social media presence or a dedicated app.

Our principles for online communication

1. Build up contacts carefully
Even though we live in a virtual world, we are dealing with real people, companies and target groups. Hence it is important to proceed with caution at the very least, because the majority of the content on the Internet is accessible worldwide and to everyone.
2. Offer valuable content
Much of the content on the World Wide Web can be generated cheaply and accessed for free. Users and providers alike are on the look-out for hidden gems. Anyone who understands what his target groups are looking for and offers them valuable content will be considered interesting, capable and trustworthy.
3. Track, measure, adjust
An online presence is life-critical for many companies today. Whether the investment is paying for itself and how customers are finding their way to your products can never be monitored more easily than on the net. We use data to interpret and constantly improve content and offerings.
4. Fail audaciously
20 years after the worldwide spreading of the Internet, many aspects have still not been adequately researched. Hence it always takes courage to leave well-trodden paths and find new ones. And there is the risk that one will end in front of a cliff face.

Our services

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Exploiting your own potential

We use personalised advice and workshops to develop ideas for your online communication and create concepts for producing responsive websites, including microsites and landing pages, apps and social media.

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Cleverly linked online world

We enhance existing websites, build new ones, link them to social media channels, industry platforms, etc., and also ensure that your content is easily found by search engines.

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Telling compelling stories

Content on the Internet needs to be quick to access and yet have depth. We can use modern approaches such as content marketing and story-telling to create compact overviews for you and enlarge upon them in compelling stories.

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Multilingual activity

We know what multilingual websites are about. The language versions of our websites are not clones, but specifically designed and controlled elements within an integrated Internet presence.

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Nice to find

Pixels cannot gather dust, but they can still look very outdated. We develop user-friendly layouts that automatically adapt to desktops, tablets and smartphones (responsive design).

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Modern programming

We work with specialists in our network to design your web platform using content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Typo3 and Adobe Experience Manager (formerly CQ5).

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Nurturing your presence

To prevent any yawning gaps appearing after the launch, we maintain your website using current content, security updates, web statistics, link checks, etc. If you would rather do this yourself, we can assist with training and support.

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Social media

Nurturing your presence

Enhance your website with a social media presence and increase your reach by doing so. We can help you set up and run profiles, pages, and campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, etc.